Aug.19-23 - Breathitt County Schools

Monday - Wednesday
Chapter 2: Animals
Lesson 3 – What Are Some Animal Life Cycles?
Vocabulary – life cycle, tadpole
Students will sequence animal life cycles. Students will analyze and describe the
sequence of events of animal life cycles. Students will recognize that animals
reproduce and that their young grow to resemble their parents. As an attention
getter: Teacher will ask: “How are newborn deer and adult deer the same? How
are they different?” Then, teacher will introduce lesson vocabulary on pages 100
and 101. After vocabulary introduction, teacher will display Electronic
Transparency IS 2605 “Sequence” and explain to students that sequencing is
putting the steps or events in the order in which they occur. Next, teacher will
have class use Popsicle method and read aloud Lesson 3 (pages 104-109). Teacher
will use guided questions to check students’ comprehension as lesson is
read. Next, teacher will have students, as a whole group; create a life cycle of a
frog using picture cards. Last, students will complete questions 1-4 in Reading
Support and Homework Book on pages RS16&RS17 independently.
Students will watch a Brainpop video and Discovery Education video over animal
life cycles.
Students will complete the review and test prep pages on 112 and 113 in their
science book. We will discuss the concepts of this chapter and prepare for a test on
Assessment over Chapter 2 (multiple choice and open response)