Cycles in an Ecosystem Notes

Why are cycles important in an ecosystem?
How do cycles show the laws of Conservation?
Cycles are important to the health of the
Many materials cycle throughout
They follow the Laws of Conservation…
Why do farmers spray crops with cold water
when the weather is expected to dip below
How does an oasis form in a desert that receives
very little rain?
The average person in the United States uses
about 78 gallons of water each day! What are
some things we could do to reduce this number?
 List and describe 4 parts of the
water cycle.
 Why is the water cycle
important in the study of
 Please read “Pass
the Salt, Please”
and answer the critical thinking
questions in your notebook.
 What is collecting on the jar?
 Why?
Carbon dioxide causes the Earth’s atmosphere to
hold in heat. What problem is this creating for
the planet?
Create a concept map or word web that
describes the 3 cycles important to all