A coursework checklist enables students to evaluate their

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Undergraduate Coursework Coversheet
Use the following check list to make sure your work is as good as it can be before you
submit. Some helpful strategies and hints are highlighted in the brackets:
Does the coursework answer the question/deal with the task that was
set? (Read the assignment brief again and check you have done what
you have been asked to do)
Does the coursework cover all the key points and a range of arguments
or viewpoints? (Make sure you haven’t missed one side of the
argument or forgotten a key area)
Have you covered the main points in sufficient depth? (Make sure you
haven’t tried to include too many points or arguments and that your
focus is clear)
Is the writing analytical in style and questioning in approach? (Make
sure you haven’t just described what you have read/done, you need to
consider the value/significance of the information you include)
Have you developed and sustained a clear argument throughout the
work? (Make sure you haven’t jumped from one idea to another)
Is each main point well supported by examples and arguments? (Make
sure you have used your reading to support your ideas)
Have you referenced all your sources, in the main body and in the
reference list at the end? (Make sure you haven’t missed any and make
sure the in-text references match up with your reference list)
Have you used your own words as much as possible and are any
pieces of text you have copied (quoted) clearly referenced? (Make sure
your work does not contain large chunks of text copied from websites)
Have you used a good range of reading material from reliable,
academic sources? (Make sure you have not relied too heavily on
single sources or online materials which may be unreliable)
Have you checked the grammar, punctuation and spelling and is the
English comprehensible? (ask someone else to read your work or read
it to yourself out loud to make sure it makes sense)
Have you written the work in an appropriate style, and simply and
clearly? (Avoid using a thesaurus to make your work sound more
‘academic’ – use language that you are comfortable with)
Is the coursework well-presented, with the right spacing, font, font size
and cover sheet for your programme? (Requirements vary so check
your module handbook for guidance)
Is the coursework the correct length and have you included a word
count? (Your tutor will notice if it is too long or too short)
Reflection on learning
What is the best aspect of
your assignment?
What is the weakest aspect
of your assignment?
How many hours did you
spend working on this
How could your approach
to this assignment have
been improved?
How would you rate your
attendance on the module?
Excellent (0-1
class missed)
What mark do you think you
assignment deserves?
Satisfactory (2-3
classes missed)
Poor (4 or more
classes missed)
When you submit your work, you are agreeing to the university’s regulations
regarding academic offences. It is your responsibility to make sure you have read and
understand what they are.
Check you understand by reading the following statements. These are common mistakes but
they may result in you failing your coursework.
My English isn’t very good, am I allowed to copy pieces of text and link them together
with my own words?
NO – you need to use your own words throughout, paraphrasing and using a small
number of quotes where necessary.
I find academic journal articles hard to read, is it okay to search online for the same
information in a simpler form and then reference the academic work?
NO – you may only reference what you have actually read – don’t ‘invent’ references
to make your work seem more ‘academic’.
I have forgotten where I found the information is it okay if I don’t reference it?
NO - all your references must be provided so make sure you keep a record of
everything you read.
I know many tutors don’t like Wikipedia and some online sources, so is it better to
use them but not to reference them?
NO – all sources must be referenced, whatever their academic quality, but try to use
the library search engines (PRIMO) instead of Google, etc.
I have used some online sources and I can’t find an author, can I make up a name?
NO – all your references must be accurate, if there is no obvious author use the
name of the company or organisation which produced the information.
I have found a similar piece of coursework online, can I use it if I make a few
NO - submitting work written by others, (even if you buy it) is NOT allowed and could
result in disciplinary action