Food technology

Know what is coming
Food Technology
How many exams and /or controlled assessments will I sit in this subject?
There are two units for AS Food technology-one exam and a coursework portfolio.
What do I have to do in each exam / assessment?
Food1 is the theoretical element of the course, covering nutrition, product design and
health and safety.
Food2 comprises of a coursework portfolio involving both practical and written work.
How long is each exam / assessment?
FOOD1 – 2 hours. This paper is worth 50% of the AS.
FOOD2 – Two projects form the portfolio. It should be around 60 – 80 powerpoint
What are the most common pitfalls which prevent success in this subject?
The most common pitfall is lack of organisation. It is vital that students cook every
week, and use their own time to write up detailed analyses of this work. Students need
to write around 4 slides per week to keep on track of the coursework.
What are the best tasks and activities I can do to revise as I go along in this subject?
Undertake the recommended extra reading suggested by your teachers and also look
for issues related to your work in the media. Food is a contemporary subject and
keeping abreast of current affairs definitely improves knowledge and understanding.
Responding to the feedback you receive on set home learning or assessment tasks will
help you to understand and errors you’ve made or improve the standard of your work.
This is particularly appropriate for exam questions.
What other advice is there which will help in order to avoid these pitfalls?
Keep on top of work!
Use the past questions book and practise these, using the mark scheme once
completed to self mark.
Discuss ideas with your peers, and watch programmes like GBBO for inspiration.
Practise practical skills before the lesson – you need to try to show a variety of
technical skills.