Iowa Core Investigations website

Iowa Core Investigations website
The purpose of this website is to provide support for teacher teams who attend the
sessions. On these pages you will find the materials from the sessions sponsored by
GPAEA as you continue to implement the Iowa Core Standards in your own classroom.
Both Mathematics and English/Language Arts materials are placed under the same
grade level tabs.
A shortened web link that will take you directly to this site is:
Assignment between Session 1 and Session 2:
Math - Interim Sheet (complete individually and bring back)
English Language Arts - Make a decision as a grade level team to complete one of
the activities listed on the "ELA Tasks Between Session 1 and Session 2 google
website page for your grade level." Summarize your work in a paragraph (that
would fit on one side of a 4" x 6" note card) that you bring to the 2nd session.
Please include district, grade level, and the names of your team members.
There are several things that you can do to enhance your own learning between
session 1 and session 2.
1) Meet as a grade level group and review the key learnings from session 1. What
areas of the the Reading and Speaking and Listening Standards would you like to "dig
into deeper?"
2) Cross reference the lists of "Exemplar Texts" in Appendix B with the texts that you
currently use. Where do you find the exact same texts and where do you have texts by
the same author?
3) Meet with a grade level team that is adjacent to yours. Discuss possible gaps and /
or changes needed based on your understandings from the first session. What
questions remain about the Reading and Speaking and Listening Standards?
4) Review the reading assessments added below for grade 3. How does the way that
you teach "deep understanding" which will be measured differently by the Smarter
Balanced Assessments in grades 3- 8 in 2014 contribute to the students' learning?
(You will need to click on the blue ink attachments below for the answers
that are coded to match questions A-D.)
A. What is Smarter Balanced Assessment? A. Word Smarter Balanced
B. What will an example of a "Selected Response" Test Item look like? B. SR.
reading Gr. 3. poetry. The Moon
C. What will an example of a "Constructed Response" (essay type) look like in
reading? C. CR.reading.Gr.3.The Little Captive
D. What will a "Performance Task" that includes reading, language and speaking
and listening look like?
D. Starting Veg. Garden
E. Reading Assessments from Lucy Calkins. Click here for a link to this page.
(Attachments and links are not live)
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