Elevator Speeches - Learning Achievement Coalition

Elevator Speech
What do you need to share
with …..?
Example: Students
We know that you will do your best when you
know why we make changes in our classroom’s
instruction and assessments. Few problems in life are
solved in 50 minutes. They require collaboration, deep
thinking and analysis. This new way of assessing your
ability to do this will occur in a couple years, so we want
to make sure you have an opportunity to practice. This is
an opportunity for you to shine, to show your talents, to
really solve meaningful, real-life problems.
Let’s take a look at what you will be asked to do.
As we progress and continue to grow as a school
district we will begin to implement a new curriculum
for our courses that will ensure college and career
readiness for our children. This change will bring
with it a shift in how we look at our teaching
methods. During this change you will see an
increase in the need for improved reading and
writing skills as well as a true need to teach our
children perseverance. We look forward to taking
this journey with you and appreciate your support in
this needed and positive change.
Samples: Teachers
• The common core requires a significant shift in
developing depth of knowledge for students by
focusing our daily priorities and practices on
increasing rigor – connecting interdisciplinary
learning with real world applications.
• Students are being asked to demonstrate their
knowledge in unprecedented ways. We need to get
them there! Through support in instructional
practices professional development and resources,
we will get them there!
Elevator Speech
Pair Share
What do you need to share
with your ________?
Sample: Community Members
• Have you heard about the new common core
state standards and the Smarter Balanced
assessments? This new approach is going to
increase teacher collaboration, content
integration, and depth of knowledge for
students. This will help children to think more
flexibly and prepare then for success in college
and career. You should learn more about the
exciting initiative. Would you like my card?
Samples: Parents
• We are going to be giving your students
opportunities to learn in new and different ways.
Our goal is to prepare them for the workplace of
their future. As we go thru this process we want to
work together with you to build success and keep
you a part of our student’s learning.
Samples: Board Member
• With our limited PD time we do not have enough
opportunities to ready our staff for the expectations
• We have an opportunity for unprecendented
changes in our schools at this time. You and all of
our stakeholders want our student so achieve at
higher levels. Therefore the district administrators,
and you the board, along with our teachers,
administration, staff and students will be focusing
their efforts on transitioning to the successful
implementation of the CCSS, in ALL our classrooms.
Sample: Parents
• We know that you want your child to be
successful in their life. That’s important to use
too, that’s why we are here. The shift to the
common core will teach your child how to
problem solve. And this will help them adapt
to the changes they will face in their life.
Sample: School Board
• Common Core is important because Smarter
Balanced will replace the MEAP in 2014-15.
We want to be proactive in our professional
development and our teaching to best
prepare our students for Career and College
Sample: ESL learner & Migrant/
Title I
• Many states are having new state tests. These
tests will use more skills that your children learn
at school and at home. There are many things
you can do to help your child such as have your
child bring home books from the library and ask
your child questions about what he or she is
reading. You can show that reading and learning
is important by having lots of books in your home
and have your child see reading/looking at books,
too. You can always take your child to the public
library to borrow books and use the computers
and other programs there for free.
Sample: Superintendents
• I’ve been looking at our data county-wide and
we have a lot of work to do to teach our
students for the career and college readiness
standards and prepare for the Smarter
Balanced Assessments. I would like to ask you
for your support in our work by creating the
structures and processes for our work. Do you
have some time that we could talk about that
so I can gain your commitment?
Samples: Teachers
• Our target is next spring – we’ll analyze what we
need to do any break it up into manageable chunks.
Don’t panic we are already doing much of this.
• We are preparing students for their post-secondary
experiences. We want to be sure that they have the
rigorous background necessary for this goal.