Individual Take Home Assignment
SIS, Corporate Social Responsibility
Hand-in: June 10 2013
The assignment consists of 2 parts: One based on a predefined dilemma from the Global Compact
Game and the other based on H&M’s corporate website1.
The assignment handed in should be maximum 8 standard pages (excluding front page, table of
contents, and list of references, but including any models and/or tables). Papers should be written
using Times New Roman, font 12, 1.5 line spacing. Make sure to include an appropriate and consistent quotation and citation style. One standard page is 2400 characters, spaces included.
Students are strongly encouraged to use course literature and additional, relevant academic literature.
Part A
Taking the point of departure in one of the following dilemmas (you are free to choose which
one), discuss and justify your solution(s) to the dilemma.
Identify and choose relevant theories of CSR, and exemplify how your solutions to the dilemma
relate to your understanding of CSR. Moreover, discuss how your solutions may affect your company’s different stakeholders. If possible, implement an ethical perspective in your discussion.
Human Rights
You have just been told to take a look at an employee’s Facebook page, which is attracting a
great deal of attention. The employee has made a number of negative comments about the
company’s corporate responsibility practices. The comments could damage the company’s reputation, especially if they were to be reported by the media.
Labour Standards
Your company has eliminated the use of child labour in your supply chain, however the children’s families can no longer afford to send them to school. This is a direct consequence of your
company’s actions. Worse still, you only found out about this because a journalist has called
asking you to comment on the situation.
You have just discovered a new production process that will significantly reduce the amount of
hazardous chemicals in your products. You know this will give you a competitive advantage in
the market. However to implement this you will need to share the information with one of your
suppliers who is also a supplier to your biggest competitor.
Your company operates in a country where it is common practice to make payments to public
officials to get things done. You have just said no to make a payment to a customs official for the
immediate release of a shipment of goods. Now the official advises you that it will take up to
two weeks before you will receive the goods; this delay will have serious consequences for your
Part B
Access H&M’s corporate website and analyse how H&M understands and employs CSR. Thereafter, discuss H&M’s mode of CSR communication in light of relevant course literature.
If you should have any questions to this assignment, please contact me (signe@cgs.aau.dk).
Best of luck to you all, Signe.
NB! Student from ‘SIS Spansk’ are allowed to write the exam in Danish.