Recycling Quiz teacher version - Science Teaching 6-12

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Environmental Science
Recycling Quiz
Part I: Matching
Write the word that matches the given definition. Choose from the word bank provided below. Use
caution when choosing there are more words listed than there are spaces provided.
1. _______compost__ is a mixture of decomposed organic matter that is used to improve soil quality.
2. ___landfill____________ area in which unwanted materials are disposed
3._____recycle______ is the process which a used material is manufactured into another material.
4._____decompose__________ is to break apart; change into a simpler form
5._______waste________ unwanted items that are disposed
Word Bank: Compost, Decompose, Biodegradable, Corrosive, Landfill, Waste, Recycle
Part II: Multiple Choice
6. The average American throws away __________________ pounds of solid waste every day.
A. 20
C. 6
B. 50
D. 1
7. As populations _____________ the amount of waste _______________.
A. increase, decrease
C. increase, increase
B. decrease, increase
D. increase, stay the same
8. When hazardous wastes are disposed in a landfill they may enter the water supply.
A. True
B. False
9. Which of the following is not able to be recycled?
A. Oil
B. Styrofoam
C. Jewel bag
D. None of the above
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10. The following are ways of reducing wastes except ____________________________.
A. Giving away used things
B. Using both sides of paper
C. Borrow things
D. Using disposable utensils, cups and plates
Part III: Short Answer
Please answer the following questions using complete sentences.
11. Why is recycling important? List at least three reasons.
Answers will vary.
Reduces pollution, saves energy, saves money, reduces space needed for landfills, creates jobs
12. List five items that can be recycled.
Answers will vary.
13. Explain composting.
Answers will vary.
Compost is made of different organic materials. These materials are decomposed by microbes. This
changes the materials. This is then used to enrich soil.
14. Name and explain the 4R’s of the recycling process?
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rebuy
15. Explain how plastics are sorted and why this is important.
Plastics are sorted by the code on the bottom of the container. Each number indicates the difficulty of
recycling with the number one being the easiest to recycle. The numbers increase as the difficulty to
recycle increases.
16. List one local place that accepts recycling. List the items this business accepts.
Answers will vary depending on area.
17. List one thing you liked/disliked about this unit.
Answers will vary.