The Department of Natural Resources at Cornell University seeks a

The Department of Natural Resources at Cornell University seeks a highly
motivated individual to provide a high level of research support in
reviewing New York's list of endangered, threatened, and special concern
species lists, with emphasis on prioritization and updating the Species of
Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN). The individual will work with the New
York Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit scientists (Dr. Angela
Fuller and Dr. William Fisher) and staff from the New York Department of
Environmental Conservation, Division of Fish, Wildlife and Marine resources.
The selected individual will assist to establish a priority ranking scheme
for SGCN by engaging taxonomic working groups, key conservation partners,
species experts, NYSDEC staff, and governmental agencies and nongovernmental
organizations in helping to define objectives for the listing
recommendations as well as objectives in developing the priority ranking
scheme for the SGCN. Prepare written and oral research reports.
This research position date will term on 3/31/2012 with possible extension
until 9/30/2014, depending on funding. This position is located in Albany,
New York.
Bachelor's degree; 2-3 years of experience or equivalence in
biological sciences (e.g., wildlife or fisheries ecology, conservation
biology, natural resources, landscape ecology).
Must be personable, flexible, and possess excellent organizational
and communication skills (both oral and written).
Must have the ability to develop effective working relationships
with faculty, staff, federal and state agencies, NGOs and work effectively
and cooperatively with others.
Familiarity with using geographic information systems software
(e.g., ArcGIS).
Ability to work independently as well in a team setting to handle
multiple tasks and priorities.
Evidence of independent research skills is required.
Travel is required and must possess a valid U.S. driver's license.
Preferred Qualifications:
M.S. degree is preferable.
Previous experience using geographic information systems software
(e.g., ArcGIS).
Broad knowledge of threatened, endangered, and special concern
species in New York or the northeastern United States.
Cornell University is an equal opportunity, affirmative action educator and
To apply, view the complete job description on-line.
Angela K. Fuller
Assistant Leader and Assistant Professor
U. S. Geological Survey
New York Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
Department of Natural Resources
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