Talks on the Heidi Kretser Complexity of Coexisting

on the
Heidi Kretser
Deputy Director
Conservation & Communities/North America
Wildlife Conservation Society
Complexity of Coexisting
with Wildness:
Planning for Wildlife on
Private Lands
Heidi Kretser improves conservation of wildlife and
wildlands by using tools and perspectives from the social
sciences to incorporate the human dimensions of natural
resource policy and management into conservation
research, planning, and decision-making. She has worked
with WCS for 18 years in numerous capacities, notably
establishing two community-based conservation programs
in the Adirondacks and Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Dr.
Kretser is widely published and her work has been featured
in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, National
Public Radio, and a variety of regional media outlets. She
completed her Ph.D. in the Human Dimensions Research
Unit at Cornell University and holds a master’s degree from
the Yale School of Forestry. Her current interests include
addressing complex conservation questions pertaining to
strategies for reducing the impacts of low-density rural
development on wildlife, effective communication to ensure
U.S. military personnel can adequately support anti-wildlife
trafficking activities, aligning state wildlife and public
health messaging on bats, and collaborative approaches
for building capacity and achieving conservation outcomes
across diverse constituents. In addition to her work at WCS,
Dr. Kretser serves as Adjunct Associate Professor at Cornell
University’s Department of Natural Resources.
Thursday, April 7
Kroon G01
195 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT