Apr. 18, 2014 Minutes - Tooele County Republican Party

Tooele County GOP Minutes
2014 Nominating Convention
April 18, 2014
Tooele Applied Technology College
Erik Gumbrecht, County Chair
Chris Sloan
Nick Pond, County Vice Chair
Erik Gumbrecht
Chairman Gumbrecht recognized all present Elected Officials and encourages all party
members to work together regardless of the outcome of the nominations.
Approval of Agenda
Chris Sloan T10 made a motion to split the last agenda item to allow the Federal and
State elected officials and Congressional candidates to speak at the beginning in order to
allow time for them to travel to other county conventions around the state. A 2nd was
received. The motion passed.
Candidate Speeches/Reports
By Invitation
The following officials provided reports to the body:
 John Dougall, UT State Auditor
 Sean Reyes, UT State Attorney General
 Spencer Cox, UT State Lt. Governor
 Christ Stewart, US Congressional Dist 2
 Zack Hartman, Candidate for Congressional Dist 2
 Larry Meyers, Candidate for Congressional Dist 2
Credential Report
Tracy Shaw, County Secretary
Tracy reported that the number of credentialed delegated totaled 119 out of 120.
Candidates would require 72 votes to receive the 60% majority needed to obtain
Chairman Gumbrecht explained instructions for the Instant Runoff Voting method.
Candidates for the following positions were given the opportunity to address the
delegates. Voting occurred after all nominated candidates spoke and ballots were
County Commissioner Seat A
 Dean Johnson
 Wade Bitner
 Gordon Beals
 Larry Burton
County Commissioner Seat B
 Bruce Clegg
 Myron Bateman
 Jeff McNeill
 Danny Marz
County Sheriff
 Jack Guenon
 Brad Patch
 Paul Wimmer
 Duke North
County Treasurer
 Mike Jensen
 Jeremy Walker
County Clerk/Auditor
 Toby Lee
 Marilyn Gillette
Elected Official Reports
By Invitation
The following officials addressed the body while votes were tabulated:
 Vicki Griffith, Candidate for UT Senate Dist 12
 Pete Knudson, UT Senate Dist 17
 Doug Sagers, UT House Dist 21
 Merrill Nelson, UT House Dist 68
 James Evans, UT GOP Chair
 Jerry Houghton, County Surveyor/Recorder
 Wendy Shubert, County Assessor
 Doug Hogan, County Attorney
Chairman Gumbrecht announced ticket information for the Western Republican
Leadership Conference. Cost is $10. 250 tickets are available.
Election Results Announced
Tracy Shaw
Results may be viewed at: