Knights in Feudal Society

1. Education
Trained to fight
7, 14, 21 ages
7 – when he leaves home
14 – he works with a knight and
reaches the rank of squire and
acts as a servant to a knight
21 – a squire became becomes a
They learn the code of chivalry
(morals, values, know how to
correctly cut a knight’s meat)
Not just fighting - a school as
Weapons and
-Mounted on horseback
-Had a saddle and stirrups
3. War Games
-Tournaments – mock (fake)
battles which could be bloody
and fierce
-tournaments combined
recreation with combat training
Knights in Feudal Society
4. Code of Chivalry
-A complex set of ideals,
demanded that a knight fight
bravely in defense of 3 masters
-Loyalty to the 3
- Earthly feudal lord
- His heavenly lord
- His chosen lady
-They should be loyal, brave,
honest, courageous, and noble
-They were to help the weak and
the poor as part of the code
-A knight was portrayed to be
5. Castle Life
-To defend their territories,
feudal lords raised private
armies of knights
-The castle was also a fortress
designed for defense
-They receive money and land
for their military service
-They spent at least 40 days of
combat service a year
-Life was violent as there was
constant fighting
-Massive stone castles replaced
those made out of wood
6. Romantic Love
-Literature downplayed the
brutality of knighthood
-Many stories idealized castle life
and glorified knighthood
-Songs and poems were written
a knight’s undying love for a lady
-Troubadours sing about