Car Data Report


PIT-Car Data Report

Your task is to create a no longer than 1 page report in Word telling me your findings for your Car Data.

Begin your report with a heading that includes your name and class period. You must also include a title for your report:

Spring Woods Middle School Parking Lot-Car Data

Your report must address:


What is the most popular color of car in the lot? Insert your graph into the Word Document for proof and answer the question in a complete sentence. How do your results compare to the national results? Answer in a complete sentence.


What are the top 3 models of cars in the lot? Insert your chart to show me and also answer in a complete sentence. How does this compare to the national results—find an article or list on the internet for the top selling cars of 2015 to answer this. Answer in complete sentences.


What are the 3 most common letters for a license plate to start with? Can you form an opinion as to why this might be so? You might need to do some research on the numbering system for

Texas license plates.


Why did you choose the types of graphs that you did?

PRINT the report and turn it in to the box.