Human Genome Project Debate

Debate Makeup Paper
You can make up 15 of the 20 possible points for the debate if you missed one or both
days, by completing the following assignment. Under no circumstances will late
assignments be accepted.
Assignment Requirements:
Type a five page paper, double spaced, on Huntington’s Disease and the Jonathon Noss
situation described in the debate. Pick one side (should hire or should not hire). Write a
persuasive paper for the side you chose using at least FIVE of the topics on the TOPICS
page of the debate lecture guide (List the topic discussed in parentheses in the text of the
paper where it is discussed). At least one outside source is required for each of the topics
chosen (Therefore, at least FIVE outside sources required). Include a bibliography with
the paper (page 6 of the paper). Do not plagiarize. Do NOT use any quotations.
Grammar is important. All the requirements must be met for a student to receive ANY of
the makeup points.
Speak with the instructor concerning the date the paper will be due.