21st Century Skills for Elementary Librarians Class

21st Century Skills for Elementary Librarians Class
Online Portion Assignment
Critical Thinking/Questioning Using, The Flower Man, by Mark Ludy
Have students observe the cover of the book. Ask students what they can predict just
from the cover. What clues in the cover helped to make that prediction?
Ask the students to make mental notes about the events that occur in this story.
Read, The Flower Man, to the students.
Ask the students:
Why do you think the author/illustrator chose a black and white format in this book?
Why does he highlight the flower man?
How does the author/illustrator use color in the story? Why do you think he did this?
What do you notice about the book that is different at the beginning to the end? Why did
the author/illustrator make this change?
Do you think The Flower Man is rich? Why or why not?
Is The Flower Man happy with his life? His neighbors? His garden? Why?
Follow one character through this book. How did his/her life change in the story?
What do you think the author’s message is in this book? Is this important? Why or why
Will the author’s message make a difference in your life?