Possible short answer questions for Exam #3 Chapter 19

Possible short answer questions for Exam #3
Chapter 19
A) Plant characteristics- Monocots vs. dicots- cotyledons, leaf
structure, roots, flower structure etc.
B) What are the principal parts of a flower? What are some of the
variations that exist in flower structure?
C) Describe the Angiosperm Life Cycle i.e. the Life cycle of soybeanthe gametophyte and sporophyte phases.
D) How would you key a flower? Use examples that we used in class
or lab to explain your answer.
Chapter 20
E) List general characteristics of the Asteraceae (compositae),
iridacea, the Orchidaceae families.
F) Why do some people consider plants “smarter” than humans?
Hint:How do plants disperse?
G) How do animals serve as the primary agents of floral evolution?
H) What are the current thoughts on the origin and evolution of
angiosperms and its evidence?
I) Describe the evolutionary trends evolutionary theories among
flowers and flower parts.
Chapter 22 Plant body
J) How is polarity important in embryonic development of plants?
K) Describe the three primary meristems of plants and which
tissues they form.
L) Describe the embryos progress through a sequence of
developmental stages.