Chapter 6 test review answers

Chapter 6 Minerals and Rocks Test Review
Name a mineral made up of a pure element.
How is the Mohs Hardness Scale set up and how does it work? What can scratch what and why?
It is set up from softest to hardest using numbers 1-10. (look at page 214-215) A mineral with a hardness
of a certain number will scratch a mineral with a hardness of less than that.
What is the hardest know mineral?
What is the softest mineral?
What do Geologists study?
Rocks and minerals
Using a Venn diagram compare and contrast cleavage and fracture.
Cleavage: splitting apart evenly
Fracture: Breaks apart in an irregular way
A narrow channel or slab of a mineral that is different from the surrounding rock
Rounded hollow rock that is often lined with mineral crystals
How light is reflected from a minerals surface
The color of a minerals powder
Atoms of a mineral that are arranged in a repeating pattern form solids called_______
The carrying away of rock fragments by water, wind, or ice
Small, solid pieces of material that come from rocks or living things
Mineral grins not arranged in parallel layers or bands
Rock cycle
Process that slowly changes rocks from one kind to another kind
Banded and nonbanded describe what type of rock?
What causes sedimentary rock to change to metamorphic rock?
Chemical reactions pressure and heat
What is the difference between an extrusive and an intrusive igneous rock?
Extrusive: formed from lava out of volcano
Intrusive: formed from magma inside volcano
What are the features of a fine grained rock?
Mineral particles can be seen only with a microscope
What is a coarse grained rock?
When all the grains in a rock are large and easy to see
Particles of minerals called ______ give rocks its texture.
How is metamorphic rock, sedimentary, and igneous rock formed?
Metamorphic: heat and pressure deep beneath Earth’s surface
Sedimentary: when water deposits tiny particles of clay in very thin, flat layers
Igneous: forms from the cooling of magma and lava
What are the small particles of rock that make up sedimentary rocks called?
What type of rock does not split into layers?
Metamorphic rocks that is nonbanded
Why does metamorphic rock rarely form at the Earth’s surface?
They almost always from under heat and pressure
How are rocks and minerals related? Explain their classification system.
Rocks are made up of one or more minerals. Rocks are classified according to the way they form, but
minerals are classified according to their physical properties.