Introduction to Statistics A 74

Interdisciplinary Department of Social Sciences - Bar Ilan University
Updated: October 2015
Computer applications 74-207-18
Type of course: Lecture
Dr. Ephraim Grossman
email: [email protected]
School year: 2015-2016
No. of hours: 3 hours / week
Semester: A
A. Goals of the course:
The computer applications course (Excel & SPSS) is intended to give the students the ability to
use data spread sheets and statistical package. The relative strengths and weaknesses of each
application will be addressed. Studying takes place in a computer lab where theoretical issues and
exercises are conducted.
B. Content of the course:
Course structure: Each class begins with the explanations about (statistical) functions, when and
how they are performed followed by immediate exercising by the students.
Detailed lesson plan:
Excel subjects:
Using copy, cut and paste in the excel environment
Formatting cells and spreadsheets
Functions: statistical, logic
Sorting, Filtering and managing data
Data presentation
Goal seeking, Evaluating alternatives.
SPSS subjects:
Combination of files.
Variable and data sheets
Command creation and Output analysis of:
Transformations: recode; compute, count. Conditioned transformations
Descriptive statistics: Frequencies
Data analysis: Bivariate correlations; t-tests; х2
C. Course files: Zugiut.sav; additional names.xls; Exercise.doc
D. Course Requirements:
Prior requirements: Statistics A
Obligations / requirements / tasks: Weekly exercises.
Components of the final grade: A single final test. Computers will not be used for the test.
(Passing score = 60)
Bibliography: Optional