AWARDED $50000 in ROUND TWO. Lots of Hope

Providence, RI
Local Sustainability Matching Fund Proposal
Fall 2012
Project Title: Lots of Hope
Purpose of Project:
The Lots of Hope project will transform vacant, city-owned lots into thriving centers of urban agriculture
and pilot small-scale composting in Providence neighborhoods.
Brief description of project goals, strategy, and key activities:
Lots of Hope is a proposed partnership between the City of Providence, the Rhode Island Foundation,
Southside Community Land Trust (SCLT), and the Local Sustainability Matching Fund that promotes urban
soil restoration and food production in the City of Providence.
For this initiative, the City of Providence proposes to work with Southside Community Land Trust on both
a vacant lot rehabilitation effort and a pilot residential composting project. The City of Providence
proposes to lease several vacant, city-owned lots to Southside Community Land Trust, who will sub-lease
the properties and provide technical assistance to a host of Providence farmers. With the support of this
partnership, SCLT will capitalize the infrastructure required to transform vacant lots into urban farms and
link farmers with production, marketing, and resource support. With the instituting of a residential
composting program, the initiative will enable residents in low-income, environmentally at-risk
neighborhoods to reduce residential solid waste and create a local source of high-quality compost that
supports increased urban food production.
The initiative will serve to strengthen the relationship between the Foundation and the City’s Sustainability
Director as it offers the first opportunity to partner on key sustainability principles and projects in
Providence. This program will also realize far ranging community benefits including restored urban soils,
improved access to locally grown, fresh fruits and vegetables in Providence’s emerging food deserts,
increased community capacity and leadership in Providence’s most at-risk neighborhoods, improved stormwater management practices, and a reduction of solid waste sent to Rhode Island’s only landfill.
Primary Contact Person
Toby Shepherd
Deputy Director, Policy
City of Providence, Executive Office of Mayor Angel Taveras
Mailing address: 25 Dorrance St.
(401) 421-2489
Rhode Island