FIRST of 2 Sets of Courses

Welcome to The Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH)! We at the JHH Office of Medical Staff Administration
look forward to welcoming you at the General House Staff Orientation on Monday, June 29, 2015.
Your first weeks at JHH will be overflowing with new people, processes and expectations from the
professional perspective, and perhaps new homes and other personal changes if you are moving to
Baltimore. We know you will be very busy once you begin your orientation and training program. For
that reason, we are asking that you complete several mandatory education modules BEFORE your
clinical training begins.
The following grid outlines the course requirements for your clinical appointment at The Johns Hopkins
Hospital; your clinical department and/or training program may require additional courses. The
expectation is that you have the courses completed by June 30, 2015. Compliance is monitored, and
you and your training program director will be notified of your progress.
All incoming Interns, Assistant Residents, Residents, and Clinical Fellows must complete/pass the
following mandatory on-line courses by June 30, 2015. Please note that the courses are divided into
two sets.
FIRST of 2 Sets of Courses (JH MyLearning System) – 7 Courses:
Each course may take up to 30 minutes to complete. You may log in and out between modules, but be
certain to print your completion certificate before leaving the site. The certificates are for your records
or as requested by your program director. Please do not send certificates to the Office of Medical Staff
Administration. If you are unable to print a certificate, you have not completed all the
steps. (CAUTION: There is a checklist in some of the modules, but this is not the same as the certificate
of completion. Please be sure to “click all the way through” to the certificate).
Prior to clicking on the course links below, please log in to with your JHED
ID and password. For further information on your JHED ID and this step, please scroll down to the
section below the grid. For problems accessing the modules, send an e-mail to for
Required Courses Available through the Johns Hopkins myLearning System
Click on each course title below to be linked directly to each course:
The Johns Hopkins Privacy Course for Residents, Fellows and House Staff
Vascular Access Devices
Trainees in the following departments’ programs are not required to complete these courses:
 Dermatology
 Ophthalmology
 Pathology
 Psychiatry
Course 1: Strategies for Safe Care and Use of Vascular Access Devices
Course 2: Safe Insertion Strategies for Central Line and Arterial Line Catheters
*Note: Course 2 is required only for those who will be performing insertion of vascular access devices.
Sleep Deprivation
Physician Impairment
The Resident as Teacher
Billing Compliance for Residents
You must contact your Training Program Coordinator to determine if you need to take the following
optional course:
Giving Feedback – Found
You have been assigned a unique user-ID for use with the Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory (JHED)
systems, which you MUST use when logging into the Hopkins Learning Management System. Use of
the JHED-ID is how your compliance will be tracked and how you will be given credit for course
Your JHED-ID is: azingma1
If you have not used JHED before, you must go to the following website to establish your JHED
password. Once there, select the link for “First Time JHED User” and follow the
Note: Once you have received your JHED password to be used with your JHED-ID, you are
ready to begin your course work.
Issues with the JHED system should be directed to the IT Help Desk
To contact the Help Desk:
1. Dial extension 5-HELP or 410-735-4357 if outside of Johns Hopkins.
2. Email:
SECOND of 2 Sets of Courses (Gnosis System) – 5 Courses:
Required Courses Available through the Gnosis System:
To access the Gnosis courses, please follow these instructions:
Please visit:
You will need to register for a new account on that page, as follows:
Click the green Sign-Up Now button.
Enter your email address.
Choose and confirm password.
Enter the registration code of mcic002.
Click the blue Register button.
You will then receive an email where you must click the link to confirm your e-mail
address and complete your registration. Once registered you can sign in with your
username and password and begin taking your courses.
Note: If you experience any problems using the Gnosis system, leave a note on the
“Contact Us” link on that website.
PLEASE NOTE: This memo and the links herein are only intended for use in 2015.
Thank you for your attention to this, and best wishes during the coming weeks.
Director for JHH Medical Staff Administration
Registrar for JHH Medical Staff