documents required for giving notice of marriage or civil partnership

1. Evidence of name/surname, date of birth and nationality
Current Passport
Valid national identity card issued by an EEA state or Switzerland
If born in the UK before 1st January 1983 a UK birth certificate
If born in the UK on or after 1st January 1983 a UK birth certificate plus
evidence of parents nationality.
o If parents were married to each other at the time of the birth, nationality
can be taken from either parent, if not married nationality is taken from
the mother. The notice giver should supply the relevant parent’s UK
birth certificate or British passport showing that they were born in the
If the relevant parents passport or UK birth certificate is in a different surname
to the notice givers UK birth certificate they must provide linking documents
(eg marriage certificate or change of name deed)
Certificate of Naturalisation as a British Citizen
Certificate of registration as a British citizen granted by the Secretary of State
2. Evidence of place of residence – Please bring one of the following:
Utility bill dated no more than three months before the date on which notice of
marriage is given (not mobile phone bill)
Bank or building society statement dated no more than one month before the
date on which notice of marriage is given; (printed from the internet is ok)
Council tax bill dated no more than one year before the date on which notice of
marriage is given
Mortgage statement dated no more than one year before the date on which
notice of marriage is given
Current residential tenancy agreement
Valid UK driving licence
The evidence mentioned above must be in the name of the person giving notice
of marriage/ civil partnership.,
3. Evidence of ending of previous marriage or civil partnership (if applicable)
UK decree absolute / decree of nullity
Foreign decree of divorce / dissolution document
UK civil partnership dissolution / nullity order
Foreign dissolution of civil partnership document
Death certificate of former spouse or civil partner
Presumed death certificate of former spouse or civil partner
Original documents only (no photocopies)
Where any document listed above was created outside the UK and is not
In English, a full translation must also be provided
4. Immigration status documents
Current British Passport
Current EEA Passport including Swiss National
An EEA national include: a national from the European Economic Area and
includes the following countries:
Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland,
France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Irish Republic, Italy, Latvia,
Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland,
Portugal, Romania, Slovak, Republic, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.
Valid Biometric residence permit
Valid UK marriage/ civil partnership / fiancé or fiancée visa in passport
showing that clearance has been given to enter the country for a specified
An endorsement in their passport by the Home Office (confirming Indefinite
Leave to Remain, Right of Abode, Limited Leave to Enter or Certificate of
Valid UK residence permit
The Application Registration Card (ARC) issued to asylum seekers, or their
dependants, when their claim is officially registered in the UK.
Valid immigration status document bearing a valid photo-endorsed vignette
Home office form IS96 – temporary admission document