St Francis of Assisi Church Jebel Ali

St Francis of Assisi Church Jebel Ali
Dubai, U.A.E
P.O.BOX 72715, EMAIL: [email protected],,
Tel:00971048845251, Fax: 00971048845216
1. Those who intended to get married should inform the Parish
Priest at least THREE MONTH’S prior to the marriage. Such early
notification is necessary so that various document may be obtained
and all the relevant marriage formalities done.
2. The following documents are required:
a. Certificate of Baptism *
b. Certificate of Confirmation (Can. 1065)
c. Certificate of “ Freedom to Marry”* from your Parish where
you was Baptized
*Certificates are to be of recent issue (not older than Six
months) and should be original copies.
3. Should attend any of the below Marriage Preparation Courses.
2nd Monday to Thursday of Jan, March, May, July, September,
Or November from 8.00pm to 9.30pm.
4. Passport copies & one passport size photograph each
5. Letter of Singleness from your Embassy/Consulate for Filipinos.
6. After getting all the above Pre-Nuptial Enquiry form to be filled
in presence of the Priest.
7. Marriage Fee.