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Healthcare providers and hospitals are constantly looking for new ways to improve patient care,
enhance outcomes and streamline the way in which patients interact with staff and their
systems. Technology is being driven from electronic medical records (EMR) and creating a
greater demand for computer hardware to enhance processes that are cumbersome. Areas that
are seeing increased technology implementation are:
Self check-in kiosks for patients
Front desk record keeping
Exam room PCs for visit updates
Tablet PCs for doctors to use as they make rounds
All in one PCs for mobile Point of Care (POC) carts
Enhanced Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) workstations for 4D analysis
Servers for practice management software
Remote back-up and recovery with xVault servers and appliances
The Seneca factory is ISO 9001 and ISO 13458 certified to ensure compliance with regulations.
Hospitals, clinics and practices have come to rely on Nexlink systems for their computing needs.
Seneca has partnered with ASUS, Fujitsu and Motion Computing to provide a range of tablet
and mobile computing products that are designed specifically for integration in healthcare
Nexlink Business PCs
Nexlink Servers
Nexlink POC
Nexlink 7950
Tablet PCs
Storage and Back-up
Seneca has formed a network of partner relationships with integrators, value added resellers,
independent software vendors and consultants throughout the U.S. distributing our products
using this traditional channel model allows for the best possible service and customer care. If
you would like to have a Seneca partner in your area contact you, please fill out this form.
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