Chapter 14: Changing Behavior to Save the Environment

Chapter 14: Changing Behavior to Save the Environment
How Can Environmental Psychology Guide Environmentally Responsible
The Commons Dilemma as an Environment–Behavior Problem
Examples of Commons Tragedies
Conceptual Views of Commons-Type Problems
Findings From Laboratory Experiments
A Foundation for Intervention
Overview of Strategies to Encourage Environmentally Responsible Behavior
Antecedent Strategies: Intervening Before the Behavior
Attitude Change and Education
The Problem of Attitude–Behavior (Non-)Correspondence
General Versus Specific Attitudes and Behaviors
Salience or Accessibility
Subjective Norms and Perceived Control
Attitude Strength and Direct Experience
Commitment and Goal Setting
Changing Attitudes: A Final Note
Varieties of Prompts
Actions of Others
Consequent Strategies: Intervening After the Behavior
Rewards and Punishments
Beyond Traditional Behavioral Interventions
Removal of Barriers
Individual Sacrifice and Commitment to Conservation
Policy and Technological Innovations: Influencing Individuals
Technology Change in Industry: Going “Green” on a Larger Scale
Integration of Perspectives: What You Can Do