VCE Global Empires 2016*2020 Resources

VCE Global Empires Units 1 and 2
Some of the print resources contained in this list may be out of print. They have been included
because they may still be available from libraries, bookshops and private collections.
At the time of publication the URLs (website addresses) cited were checked for accuracy and
appropriateness of content. However, due to the transient nature of material placed on the web,
their continuing accuracy cannot be verified. Teachers are strongly advised to prepare their own
indexes of sites that are suitable and applicable to the courses they teach, and to check these
addresses prior to allowing student access.
Anderson, P 2013, Lineages of the Absolutist State, Verso, London.
Appold, KG 2011, The Reformation: A Brief History, Wiley-Blackwell, Maiden, MA.
Axelrod, A 2009, Little Known Wars of Great and Lasting Impact. Fair Winds Press,
Barkey, K 2008, Empire of Difference: The Ottomans in Comparative Perspective, Cambridge
University Press, Cambridge.
Barton, S 2004, A History of Spain, Palgrave Macmillan, UK.
Blackburn, R 2013, The American Crucible: Slavery, Emancipation and Human Rights, Verso,
Blackburn, R 2010, The Making of New World Slavery: From the Baroque to the Modern,
1492–1800, Verso, London.
Braudel, F 1979, The Wheels of Commerce: Civilization and Capitalism, 15th–18th Century,
University of California Press, USA.
Burbank, J & Cooper, F 2010, Empires in World History: Power and the Politics of Difference,
Princeton University Press, Princeton.
Eisenstein, E 2012, The Printing Revolution in Early Modern Europe, Cambridge University Press,
Febvre, L & Martin, HJ 2010, The Coming of the Book: The Impact of Printing, 1450–1800, Verso,
Goffmann, D 2002, The Ottoman Empire and Early Modern Europe, Cambridge, Cambridge
University Press, Cambridge.
Greenblatt, S 1992, Marvellous Possessions: The Wonder of the New World, University of Chicago
Press, Chicago.
Greenblatt, S 2011, The Swerve: How the World Became Modern, Random House, London.
Howe, S 2002, Empire: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford University Press, Oxford.
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VCE Global Empires 2016–2020
Units 1 and 2
Ormrod, D 2003, The Rise of Commercial Empires: England and the Netherlands in the Age of
Mercantilism, 1650–1770, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
Reid, A 1990, Southeast Asia in the Age of Commerce, 1450–1680 (2 vols), Yale University Press,
New Haven.
Robins, N 2006, The Corporation that Changed the World: How the East India Company Shaped
the Modern Multinational, Pluto Press, Michigan.
Streusand, DE 2010, Islamic Gunpowder Empires: Ottomans, Safavids, and Mughals, Westview
Press, Boulder.
Tawney, RH 2015, Religion and the Rise of Capitalism, Verso, London.
Vilar, P 2011, A History of Gold and Money: 1450–1920, Verso, London.
Wood, E 2012, Meiksens, Liberty and Property: A Social History of Western Political Thought from
Renaissance to Enlightenment, Verso, London.
Voyages of Discovery
‘The Age of Discovery’ in The Map as History website (viewed 29 January 2015).
The Slave Trade
‘The History of the Transatlantic Slave Trade’ in the International Slavery Museum National
Museum, Liverpool website (viewed 29 January 2015).
‘Africa and the Transatlantic Slave Trade’ in BBC History website (viewed 29 January 2015).
Understanding Slavery Initiative website (viewed 29 January 2015).
‘Africans in America’ in the PBS website Resource Bank (viewed 29 January 2015).
Contains a large number of primary sources on the establishment and institution of slavery.
‘European Colonization of the Americas’ in New World Encyclopedia website (viewed 29 January
‘History of British Colonial America’ in History World website (viewed 29 January 2015).
US History: From Pre-Colombian to New Millennium website (viewed 29 January 2015).
‘Central and South American Empires’ in the US History website (viewed 29 January 2015).
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