Circulars to Parents_T2_1

‫مــــــدارس جــــســـور الــمــعـــرفـــة العــــالـــمـــيــــة‬
The Knowledge Bridges International Schools
Ref No: NTC/T2/14-15/Acad/1
Date: 28/1/15
Dear Parents,
Being a “Cambridge Associate School” registered with the University of
Cambridge International Examinations, this year our students of grade 6
will be eligible to appear for the “Cambridge Primary Checkpoint”,
which is the first international benchmark for learner performance
exclusive to Cambridge Schools.
Our school curriculum is based on the Cambridge Curriculum Framework
and during this semester, teachers will work intensively with the students
to prepare them for the assessments that will offer feedback on learner’s
strengths and weaknesses in key curriculum areas of English,
Mathematics and Science.
The Cambridge Primary CheckPoint will be conducted in April 2015, the
fee per subject being SR. 120/-.
Your consent confirming your child’s appearance for the assessment is
needed for us to register them with CIE.
Please fill up the attached part and send it back to us at your earliest.
KBIS Admin
Name of Student:___________________________________ Grade: 6
I agree to let my child appear for the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint in
the April/May 2015 session.
Sending SR. 360/- as fees for three subjects.
Parent’s Name:______________________ Parent’s Signature:_________
/ / 2015