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Personal information:
Name: Hadeel Bassam Robin Odeh.
Gender: female .
Date and place of birth: 23\6\1988, Jordan.
Nationality: Jordanian.
Marital status: Single.
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E-mail: [email protected]
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-Masters degree in pharmacy from the Faculty of Pharmacy- Jordan
University of Science and Technology- year of 2012/2013 with a
specialization in medicinal chemistry and pharmacognosy –
pharmacognosy with a “Good estimate” GPA of 79.2/100.
-Bachelors degree in pharmacy from the faculty of pharmacy- University
of Jordan- year 2010 with a "Good estimate" GPA of 2.93/4- achieved
Bachelor degree in pharmacy in “4 years” instead of “5 years”.
-High school diploma from the Universal Schools - the Jordanian
ministry of education- year 2005/2006 with an average of 88.2 percent.
Research experience :
-I took many courses during my study as a master’s student, and down
below are the courses and what it discussed :1- Research methodology: This course provided me with knowledge
and skills required to conduct research in a scientific approach.
Practical application of different aspects and special problems
encountered in research is also discussed.
2- Advanced organic pharmaceutical chemistry: This course was a
prelude to various advanced topics in organic chemistry. It
involved a review of the stereochemistry of organic compounds.
Functional groups nomenclature, synthesis, and reactions. Reaction
mechanism also have been discussed in details.
3- Medicinal and natural products analysis: This course deals with
the qualitative analysis of biologically active compounds using
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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Mass Spectroscopy
(MS), UV, IR and liquid and gas chromatography. Also new
“coupled” techniques like GC/MS, LC/MS and LC/NMR have
been also studied. Quantitative aspects of these techniques have
been also discussed.
Stereochemistry: This course covers the stereochemistry of organic
compounds; chirality; resolution and analysis of enantiomers and
diastereomers, conformational isomerism and geometrical
isomerism. Introduction to stereoselective synthesis and drug
design have been studied. In addition, stereoselectivity in nature
and spectroscopic determination of relative and absolute chirality
have been also discussed.
Separation and systemic identification of organic compounds:
This is a practical organic chemistry course aimed at learning the
techniques of separating organic mixtures as will as systematic
identification of organic compounds based on their physical,
chemical and spectral properties. Multi-step organic synthesis,
purification and identification of a medicinally important organic
compound have been also accomplished
Isolation & characterization of natural products: This course
covered special techniques of certain importance in phytochemical
research such as extraction procedures, open column
chromatography, thin layer chromatography (TLC), preparative
Selected topics in pharmacognosy: This course is designed to
cover the up-to-date aspects of medicinal herbs such as: quality
control, herb selection, extraction and standardization, registration
and regulation, raw material and production.
Special topics in pharmacognosy: Special topics in advanced
pharmaceutical sciences are discussed.
Seminar: This course helped me on how to search the available
chemical and phytochemical literature concerning a specific topic
in these areas, write a scientific report and to present the topic
orally using the available multimedia techniques.
Chromatography: This course provided me with a comprehensive
theoretical background for the most useful and modern
chromatographic methods and techniques. In addition, some useful
recent applications are also discussed.
-I have a good experience in performing BST (brine shrimp lethality test).
-I worked on GC/MS apparatus for the identification of the volatile oil
composition for many plants and then I performed the MTT assay as a
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cancer cell line toxicity assay on melanoma cancer cells and colorectal
cancer cells.
-I have a good experience on using many laboratory equipments such as:
Rotary evaporator, soxhlet extractor, Clevenger-hydrodistillation, steam
distillation apparatus.
-Turkish, spoken and written-begginer
-English, spoken and written-fluent
-Arabic, spoken and written-fluent (mother tongue)
2-Passed TOFEL ITP exam from the University of Jordan with a high
score of 570.
3-Microsoft office package software and the Internet -very good.
4-training at several pharmaceutical institutes and the university of
Jordan hospital in-patient department as part of the 1440 hours of
training required by the pharmacist association requirement.
5- Using office equipments, printer, copying machine, fax…….
6- Typing on computer keyboard-very good speed average in English
AND very good speed average Arabic
7- Car driving – expert, own a valid license, owns a car.
8- Nonsmoker
Work experience :-worked at pharmacy-1 chain pharmacy as a staff pharmacist from May
2013 to November .
-lecturer at Al-isra’a university at the faculty of pharmacy since October
Professional membership:A member of Jordanian Pharmaceutical Association since 2010.
References :- Dr. Feras Q. Alali, Professor, Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy
Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, Jordan University of Science and
Technology. E-mail: [email protected]
- Dr. Ahmad S. alkofahi, Professor, Medicinal Chemistry and
Pharmacognosy Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, Jordan University of
Science and Technology. E-mail: [email protected]
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- Dr. Mohammad hudaib, Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Jordan. E-mail:
[email protected]
- Dr. Amjad Qandil, Associate Professor, Medicinal Chemistry and
Pharmacognosy Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, Jordan University of
Science and Technology. E-mail: [email protected]
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