Health Fourth Grade
Amy Mojica
Summary: Introduction of class content and expectations. Establish
rules of the classroom. Participate in the Healthy choice knowledge
versus healthy actions activity. Discuss diseases such as heart disease
and why healthy choices can reduce the risk of disease.
Grade: Fourth Grade
Time Frame: 45-minute class period
Subjects: Health
Topics: Health, Classroom rules, Class expectations, Information
compared to Actions based on the information.
Standards: NYS Learning Standards for Health and PE 1, 2, 3
Essential Questions:
Identify one healthy choice that you actively implement?
Identify one healthy choice that you know is healthy however,
inconsistently implement?
Identify three health issues and three healthy choices can reduce the
risk of those health issues
Knowledge and Skills:
Understand content and course expectations. Acknowledge the myriad
of healthy choices and factors that influence health. Understand that
health information does not equal healthy choices, that each individual
must make the decision to be healthy daily.
Performance Task: 1. Information versus choices activity 2. Risk
reduction brainstorm 3. Exit Ticket
Performance Prompt: Raise your hand if you know the health
information. Raise your hand if you consistently make that choice when
it presents to you.
Assessment/ Rubrics: 1. Participation in the classroom activity. 2.
Active classroom listening 3. Cooperation with partner during
brainstorm 4. Completion of Exit Ticket
Sequence of Activities:
1. Create Name tags
2. Introduction of teacher and course content
3. Introduce class expectations
4. Information versus Choice Activity
5. Brainstorm diseases and illnesses that can be positively effected
by a healthy lifestyle
6. Work with a partner to brain storm healthy choices to reduce risk
of disease
7. Exit ticket- What is one choice you make or will try to make to
improve your health?
8. Hand out Parent letter
Differentiated Instruction:
Seating chart for best classroom performance, kinesthetic smart board
usage, conversation, group activity, and intrapersonal reflection
Smart Board, Parent letter, paper and markers
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