KWO Event Planning worksheet - Killingworth Women`s Organization

It is important to stay organized when planning an event or program. There are usually many
details to remember and tasks to complete. Use the checklist below to help make your event
Title of the Event: ______________________________________________________
Brief Description of Event: ______________________________________________
Date / Time of the Event: ________________________________________________
Proposed Location (Rain location if outdoors?): ______________________________
1. Brainstorm & Choose an Idea (13 weeks prior)
*Dates are mere suggestions, unless noted required*
With your committee or by yourself, brainstorm a list of ideas you would like to provide to the
community. Remember that there are no bad or outrageous ideas when brainstorming. Review
your brainstorm list and discuss the feasibility of each idea. Then choose the program you want
to work on as a committee or organization.
2. Who is your target audience? (check all that apply)
____ Kids/Community
____ Women
____ Specific Club/Organization: ____________
____ Other: ______________
3. Purpose of Event:
____ Community Awareness
____ Service
____ Support
____ GFWC Signature Project
____ Fundraising (indicate beneficiary): ________________________________
4. What are the goals of the program?
5. Create a budget (13 weeks prior)
Establishing a budget will assist you in using funds appropriately and will help determine if you
need to seek additional funding. Use the list below to help determine all your expenses for the
__________ Artist’s Fee
__________ Decorations
__________ Lodging ($ ? dollars per room/night)
__________ Catering/food
__________ Advertising
__________ Security (if needed)
__________ Transportation
__________ Equipment Rental
__________ Venue Rental
__________ Contract/Rider Agreement (typically snacks and beverages for
before/after the performance)
6. Next Steps
Fill out an event proposal form and submit it to the Ways and Means chair. She will bring it to
the board for approval.