Brainstorm Worksheet

Student Names: ________________________________________________________________
Date: _______________________________
Story Topic: _________________________
Team Creative Writing Brainstorm Worksheet
As a group answer each question about the characters, setting and plot. As a group online write
sentences using descriptive words to answer each question. Complete this page for each
character in your story.
Character Brainstorm:
What do I look like?
What’s my personality like and how
do I act?
What do I want or need?
How does the conflict
affect me?
What are other
interesting facts about
Character’s Name:
How do I know the other characters?
Setting and Plot Brainstorm
Write sentences to answer questions about the setting and plot. Write each person’s name next
to their ideas. Make sure each person is getting ideas typed in below.
What is the setting like?
Choose a main character. What is the main conflict? How will it impact them?
Ideas for the beginning:
Ideas for the middle:
Ideas for the end: