I Can*t Pay My Bills!

I Can’t Pay My
Do Now
What do you think? Write your opinion about
the following statement:
Our economy is terrible right now, and people
don’t have $$$, and yet they have a lot of stuff.
Learning Target
We will write checks to pay bills and keep our
checking accounts balanced.
1. Read through packet
2. Check out website
3. Starting balance
4. Practice writing checks to classmates
5. Exit ticket
check book website
1. go to http://projectmoney.org/
2. click on bank accounts
3. On the right, click on ‘how checking
accounts work’
4. Click on anything underlined to learn more
5. Go back to where you saw ‘how checking
accounts work’ and click on write a check
Savings Accounts
Exit Ticket: INBOX when finished
Write a check to one of the following:
*Ticket Master - for the purchase of one of your
favorite artist’s concert tickets
*King Soopers- for groceries
*Z-Mart- for snacks
Be sure to fill in all of the information and sign
your name, AND debit(-) the balance in your
Science Internship Opportunity
Play the Game
Career Exploration