How to use the AIM-VA portal Who can order? If you are longtime

How to use the AIM-VA portal
Who can order?
If you are longtime user of AIM-VA, then the changes that were made on March 31,
2014 might seem huge to you. Most noticeable of all the changes was the large scale shift in
the ordering policy. Starting on March 31, 2014, AIM-VA opened up the ordering system to all
teachers that are either added by an administrator or that have a valid Virginia schools email
Student certification will still have to be done by an individual identified as having access and
knowledge of the students IEP but once a student is properly certified, their general education
teachers, special education teachers, and even additional educational professionals not involved
in direct classroom instruction like, librarians, paraprofessionals, counselors, reading therapists,
assistive technology specialists, etc. will have the opportunity to create an account and order
needed materials on behalf of the student.
This new system grants greater access to the people who are working closest with the student
and will better help AIM-VA provide its resources to those who need it. For more information
go to the AIMVA homepage and click the “Administrative Roles” button under the “Resources”
tab. This will give you a brief overview of each of the roles and their responsibilities, as well as
a bulleted list of responsibilities and a chart of actions that can be taken on the portal