ESP Masterclass Brussels May 2014

ESP Masterclass
Breast Pathology with Radiological Correlation
Course Program:
Schedule: Friday 30 May 2014 / 10.00h-18.00h
Place: ESP office, Brussels
Target: Pathologists and residents with special interest in breast pathology
Course leader: Prof. Tibor Tot, Sweden
Maximum number of participants: 30
Participation fee: 150 EUR, including lunch and a course book.
Course description: The event is repetition of the 2013 course.
Breast pathology is a rapidly developing discipline having central role in diagnosing breast
diseases and in providing essential prognostic and predictive parameters which are decisive in
choosing adequate interventions and therapy. Close collaboration with radiologists, surgeons,
oncologists and other members of the interdisciplinary team has become mandatory in correct
management of the patients. Detailed guidelines have been developed to standardize the
preoperative diagnostic procedures and postoperative pathological work-up of the specimens
as well as regarding the obligatory content of the pathology report. On the other hand,
systematized data considering the radiological appearance of breast lesions are rarely
presented for pathologists and pathology residents, although proper radiological pathological correlation has the potential to considerably increase the pathologists´ diagnostic
4 introductory lectures with tutor - audience interaction;
Case demonstrations with clinical data, radiology images and videomicroscopy;
On site slide evaluation, discussion.
Content (main topics)
Normal breast tissue and its variations and aberrations
General morphology of breast lesions
Radiological - pathological correlations of mass lesions
Radiological - pathological correlation of microcalcifications
Assessing morphological prognostic parameters, team approach
Lymph nodes on the mammogram
Information about the TASTE project
Main reference/course book
Tot T, Tabár L, Dean PB: Practical Breast Pathology 2 nd edition, Thieme 2014
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