Diane Wofsey

Diane Wofsey
Nurse Coordinator – Mercy Medical Center
Diane Wofsey was appointed Nurse Coordinator for the Breast Center
at Mercy Medical Center in 2000. She is responsible for coordinating
care for women with breast health problems, as well as being the
liaison between physicians and patients. In addition to conducting
educational public speaking engagements regarding the importance of
mammography, breast self-exam and yearly clinical breast exam and
Educational programs for mammography staff, she also compiles
statistics for her Department to maintain credentialing.
Prior to her current position, Wofsey has more than 27 years
experience in maternal/infant, Women’s Health and Neonatal Nursing
at Mercy Medical Center. She was instrumental in establishing and
Managing a Maternal /Infant program with the Home Care
Department and a Women’s Breast Health program. Wofsey also has
more than 20 years experience in teaching childbirth education,
parenting classes to teen mothers, and Newborn, Neonatal and
Women’s Health curriculum at Walsh University.
Wofsey received an ADN in 1990 and a BSN in 2003 from Walsh
University, North Canton, Ohio.