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Breast Buddies
Our ‘Breast Buddies’ are a group of mothers
who have breastfed but also completed
further training to help support other mums
who are breast feeding or mums-to-be who
want to breast feed. They can be contacted
on the number below for a chat, advice or to
arrange an appointment to see you at the
Centre. Our ‘Breast Buddies’ have all had
first hand experience of all the joys, and
challenges, of breast feeding. We believe that
peer support is vital and advice from ‘mumswho-know’ and can empathise is essential.
Your support for other mums will be very
welcome too. If you would like to support
others and become a ‘Breast Buddy’ peer
supporter then please contact us for more
information. We look forward to seeing you
Tel: 07939535544
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