Making Fossils

Bradford Tioga Head Start Lesson Plans
Activity: Making Fossils
Submitted By: Marie Zimmer
Key Learning Areas: Scientific Thinking
ELS: 4.7, 3.2a.5, 3.1c.4, 3.1a.
Reference books containing pictures of fossils, fossil rocks from local area,
children’s books such as Milo and the Magical Stone by Migual Pfister. Air dryable
model clay and stones, sticks and objects found outside during free-play.
Individual baggie with name printed in marker for each child.
1. Teacher has the word FOSSIL written on the easel. At Welcome Circle the
teacher says the word and asks the children to repeat it. Ask the children if they
have heard of the word before and if they know what it might be. She writes
down any answers.
2. Tell the children that you are going to show them what a fossil is and then
passes some fossils around the circle. Tell them that a fossil is what is left when a
plant or animal died a long time ago. We see its ‘picture’ in the rock. Look at the
different items found in the fossils. Have children guess what their fossil is. Write
their answers on the easel.
3. Place pictures and fossils at Science Center and tell the children that they will
be there to look at.
4. At outside time gather different items that can be found in fossils such as
leaves and twigs. At table top give each child a piece of clay. Each child picks out
items to imprint into their clay. Their clay fossils are then placed on top of their
baggies on a tray.
5. At story time, read the book Milo and the Magical Stone. The next day take the
hardened clay and paint them grey like a fossil rock. When they are dry, place
them into baggies and display them in the hallway.