Write Around Literacy Strategy - SES

Write Around
Write Around strategy promotes “silent” discussion where everyone’s voice is heard. It
is a powerful write-to-learn strategy that ensures every student is actively engaged and
held accountable. This strategy encourages students to share ideas, learn new writing
techniques in context situations, and provides scaffolds for independent skill
development. Write Around strategy provides opportunities for students to develop
writing fluency, build the habit of reflection into a learning experience, and elaborate on
the ideas of others. These critical and creative thinking skills promote student
understanding through analysis and evaluation. Academic success skills of intellectual
risk-taking and metacognition are practiced as students become aware of their own
thinking in relationship to that of others. Write around sets up a climate for a productive
whole-class discussion.
Provide 5 minutes for students to record as much as they can about the topic
Ask students to exchange their papers with partners
Provide 5 minutes for partners to ask questions, respond, add to the paper and
Continue with additional questions
Debrief class
Pass it on
o Students are in groups and jot down ideas on a given or self-selected
topic. When directed by the teacher, students pass their paper to the
person on their right. They read what has been written, add ideas, and
provide an example if they challenge what was written prior to their
reading. The process continues until the original writer has an opportunity
to read the comments of the group. Students may choose to read parts of
their text to the class and discuss comments.
Write Around One Pager
o Place students in groups of 4
o Teacher presents a rich, complex topic/prompt for students to respond to
such as one requiring interpretation, additional questions for clarity, and
possible opposing views.
o Students write their initials in the left column of the paper and begin
responding on the right hand side of the page.
o Students write for 2 – 5 minutes—students are required to write the entire
o When directed, students pass the papers to their right without any talking
Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland
Curriculum 2.0, 2012
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o Students respond to prior writings, build upon ideas, and question as
o After all members have commented on all papers, provide time for small
group discussions. Each group determines key information to be shared
with the whole-class.
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Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland
Curriculum 2.0, 2012
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