The American Revolution: Political Cartoons Primary Source Analysis

The American Revolution:
Political Cartoons
Primary Source Analysis
Fourth Grade Social Studies
Frances Bishop
Primary Source Analysis
• What is a Primary Source?
− A primary source is a document, speech, or other
sort of evidence that is written, created or otherwise
produced during the time under study. Primary
sources offer an inside view of a particular event.
Examples of Primary Source
Include original documents such as autobiographies, e-mail,
photographs, interviews, letters, news film footage, diaries,
speeches, official records.
Examples of Primary Source
Also included are creative works such as art, movies, music, novels.
Examples of Primary Source
In addition, there are relics or artifacts such as
buildings, clothing, furniture, jewelry, pottery.
The Purpose of
Primary Source Analysis
The purpose of the Primary Source Analysis
Tool is to assist you with
analyzing a political cartoon.
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Important Fact to Remember
It is very important to remember
that primary source analysis is
not about finding the right answer
but asking effective questions.
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