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Yellow submarine
Introduction: Dear ladies and gentlemen! May I have an honor of inviting you on a journey to the
United Kingdom? You will meet historical figures and enjoy music. So sit back and enjoy the play!
Alina: Yellow Submarine! What’s it doing here in the river Prut? And look, there is a moustache!
Whose is it?
I know what I must do! I must find the person who lost this submarine and moustache.
Hmm. A British flag.. Perhaps I should go to the United Kingdom. Perhaps this person lives there!
Song: Travel
Alina: Hello! Who are you? Is this United Kingdom?
Queen: Who am I? I am afraid I am the Queen of the United Kingdom, the one and only Queen
Elizabeth the second. You should call me “Your majesty” by the way! And who are you?
Alina: I am Alina Shkvarchuk from the glorious city of Chernivtsi, Ukraine!
Queen: Your majesty!
Alina: Your majesty.
Queen: Pleasure to meet you, Alina. I’d like to invite you to the Buckingham palace where we can
have a cup of tea. My dear granddaughter Kate will accompany us. Kate!
Kate: Yes, your majesty.
Queen: Please tell our guest about Buckingham palace.
Kate: Sure!
Video/Text: Inside Buckingham Palace
The famous place in London is Buckingham Palace. It is in the very centre of London and it was
built in 1703. Buckingham Palace is like a small town, with a police station, two post offices, a
hospital, a bar, two sports clubs, a disco, a cinema and a swimming pool. There are 600 rooms and
three miles of red carpet. About 700 people work in the Palace.
Alina: Thank you! It was most interesting!
Queen: Oh dear it’s 5 o’clock! Time for tea! Do you take English or Russian tea, dear?
Alina: English please, tea with milk. Thank you!
Kate: I’ll have Russian tea with lemon.
Ghost: And I’ll have black tea, please.
Queen: This is the ghost of the Buckingham palace. This is Alina from the glorious city of Chernivtsi,
Ghost: It is my pleasure to meet you. Woooooohooo
Alina: What a polite ghost! (Tea drinking party)
Alina: I must go now. Thank you for your hospitality!
Queen and Kate: Good bye and good luck!
Medieval music and dancing
Crabbed age and youth cannot live together,
Youth is full of pleasure, age is full of care;
Youth like summer morn; age like winter weather;
Youth like summer brave; age like winter bare.
Youth is full of sport; age’s breath is short;
Youth is hot and bold; age is weak and cold.
Alina: What beautiful poetry, sir!
Shakespeare: Thank you, my child. And who, pray, are you?
Alina: I am Alina from the glorious city of Chernivtsi, Ukraine. And what is your name?
Shakespeare: I am William Shakespeare, the greatest bard in the history of the world.
Alina: Sorry, Mr Shakespeare, but I am looking for someone who had lost this submarine. Do you
know whose it is? And this moustache?
Shakespeare: I have no idea, my dear. But perhaps this quiz will help you! Let’s see how much you
know about our country!
1. What is the official name of our country?
Answer: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
2. What is its capital?
Answer: London.
3. What is the favourite hot drink in England?
Answer: tea
4. What is the difference between English and Russian tea?
Answer: English tea is with milk, Russian is with lemon.
5. What are the main colour of our flag?
Answer: red, blue and white.
6. The name Julius Caesar gave to Great Britain?
Answer: The Albion
7. What is the national musical instrument of Scotland?
Answer: bagpipe
8. Who lives in Loch Ness?
Answer: Nessie, the lake monster!
Alina: Wow, thank you! Now I know where to go! I must go to Scotland!
Shakespeare: Yes, it is the most beautiful part of the UK, but beware the Loch Ness Monster. It is
dangerous and fierce!
Alina: I will! Toodle-oo!
Video about Scotland
Alina: Oh noooooooooo! A loch Ness monster! What shall I do?
Nessie: Aaaaaa! A human from Ukraine!
Alina: A speaking monster nooooooooooo!
Nessie: I need to calm down! Okay. Hello! My name is Nessie.
Alina: It wants to eat me!
Nessie: No, I don’t. I am a very nice monster and I want to help.
Alina: Really?
Nessie: Absolutely! I know whose submarine it is. It belongs to the most famous group in the world!
Alina: Which group?
Nessie: It is …………..(drum roll) the Beatles! And the moustache belongs to Ringo Starr. Here’s a
picture of him.
Alina: Where can I find them?
Nessie: You should go to Ireland. They should be there.
Alina: Thanks, Nessie!
Nessie: No problem, miss! I’ll sing you a Beatles song and it will help you in your quest!
Beatles song: Yellow Submarine
Irish jig(video about Ireland)
Irish jig
Alina: That was great! Now, have you seen the most famous group in the world?
Irish dancers: Which one?
Alina: The Beatles of course!
Irish dancers: No, unfortunately, they have just left. They are in London now. They are going to have
a concert in Buckingham palace and sing for the Queen.
Alina: Oh, Elizabeth? I‘ve met her. A rather boring lady.
Irish dancers: You should hurry!
Alina: I will, thanks! Can we dance again?
Irish dancers: No, just go now.
Alina: Right
…Video about Beatles
The Beatles: How will we sing without our submarine?
The Beatles 1: I don’t know. It’s terrible!
The Beatles2: And how will I sing without my moustache??
Alina: Sorry, I need to see the Beatles
Everyone: We all want to see them!
Alina: Please, this is important.
The Beatles: Look!!!! There is our yellow submarine!
The Beatles 1: I can’t believe it!
The Beatles 2: And my moustache!
The Beatles 3: We can perform now in front of the Queen. Join us, dear friend!
Beatles song
The song “We will rock you”
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