The Beatles

Cover from album Abbey Road.
About The Beatles
 The Beatles were an English rock band.
 This band had 4 members:
-Paul McCartney
-John Lennon
-Ringo Starr
-George Harrison
 Years active: 1960-1970
 Main genres: Rock and pop
 Other genres: Pop rock, Hard rock, Rock and
Start of band
 Aged sixteen, John Lennon formed a skiffle group called The Quarrymen, in March
 Paul McCartney (15) joined as a guitarist after he and Lennon met.
 In 1958 joined the group a young guitarist - George Harrison.
 In 1960 they together traveled to Hamburg, where they became The Beatles.
 Lennon and Harrison then began experimenting with LSD and soon joined them
The Beatles in movies
 The first Beatles film A Hard Day's Night was black and white comedy.
 After the success of the first movie,The Beatles filmed with Dick Lester the film
 The third film, Magical Mystery Tour is about the bus trips of members to the English
 Yellow Submarine is an animated movie with bright colors about The Beatles saving
the country from monsters, who hates music.
 A documentary film Let It Be shows a band near of collapse.
Picture from movie – Yellow Submarine.
Jaroslav Vozár, 9.A
Album: Let It Be
Music: „Let It Be“
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