Q. What is the function of white blood cells?

3.2.3 + 4 Blood Cells & Heartbeat FMQuiz Homework Solution
Q. True or False. A nucleus is absent from human
red blood cells.
Q. Some people may have the blood group B
Positive (B+).What factor is present in their blood
that makes it positive?
A. Rhesus
Q. State two ways in which red blood cells differ
from typical body cells e.g. from the cheek lining.
A. No nucleus; haemoglobin; shape; size; no
mitochondria; carries O2 or CO2
Q. Where in the body are white blood cells
A. Bone marrow
Q. Name a group of white blood cells, other than
A. Phagocytic (white cells) or Monocytes
Q. Blood is made up of plasma and blood cells.
What is plasma?
A. Liquid part of blood
Q. State a precise location in the human body at
which red blood cells are made.
A. Marrow of long bones
Q. Where is the pacemaker located in the heart?
A. Right atrium
Q. What is the function of white blood cells?
A. Fight disease
Q. Cardiac muscle may be described as a
contractile tissue. Explain the meaning of the
underlined term.
A. It can shorten
Q. Give the precise location of the SA node in the
A. In wall of right atrium
Q. True or False. The sino-atrial node (pacemaker)
is located on the right side of the heart.
Q. What is the role of the SA (sinoatrial) and AV
(atrioventricular) nodes in the heart?
A. Causes contraction of heart muscle or
Pacemaker or Impulse generation
Q. Name the blood vessel that brings blood from
the heart to the body.
A. Aorta
Q. Give any two functions of the lymphatic system.
A. Returns fluid to blood; Transport; Lymphocytes
Q. Mention two ways to maintain a healthy heart.
A. Eat less fat; Exercise regularly; Avoid excess
stress; Eat less salt; Don’t smoke
Q. Name the blood vessels that supply the heart
cells with blood.
A. Coronary or Cardiac arteries
Q. What causes the sound of a heartbeat?
A. Valves closing
Q. What is the role of valves in the heart?
A. To prevent backflow of blood
Q. Give two factors which cause an increase in
heart rate.
A. Exercise; Anxiety; Drugs; Infection
Q. Give the precise location of the AV node in the
A. In (or near) septum or Near tricuspid valve or
Between atrium and ventricle
Q. What structure(s) protects the heart?
A. Rib cage
Q. Name the valve between the upper and lower
chambers on the left-hand side.
A. Bicuspid (mitral) valve
Q. Name the structure in the heart that controls
the heartbeat.
A. Pacemaker
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