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Congratulations! You have your pacemaker and you are on the road to recovery. But, now what can
you expect?
When you are released from the hospital, you will have a clear plastic bandage in place. There are no
external stitches. You will be scheduled to visit our office in 1-2 weeks after your discharge. The
bandage will be removed at this visit. As with any procedure, it is important to watch for signs of
infection. If you notice any of the following changes, please notify our office:
Redness or drainage around your incision.
Fever or chills
An increase in tenderness or pain around your pacemaker.
Eventually, we hope you will feel even better than before you received your pacemaker. However, for
the first few weeks, as you begin to heal, we ask that you follow a few simple precautions.
Watch what you lift – DO NOT lift objects (including children and grandchildren) weighing
more than fifteen (15) pounds.
DO NOT lift your “pacemaker arm” over your head.
You may shower, but DO NOT take a bath or swim until your incision is healed.
When in a car, DO NOT wear a shoulder restraint until your incision is completely healed.
Lap type safety belts are okay. Even after healing, if the shoulder belt lies directly over the
pacemaker, a soft pad should be placed between the pacemaker and the belt.
Women may find that their bra strap lies across the incision. If you find this uncomfortable,
you may put a sterile 4 x 4 gauze pad over your incision or try a “sports bra” or “jog bra” which
has a softer, wider strap, which many patients find more comfortable.
(Reaching for dishes in the cupboard,
Please review the information you have received about your pacemaker. Remember to keep your
pacemaker ID card with you at all times. Write down any questions you may have and bring them
along with you for your first visit. You may also wish to bring along interested family members.
Now that you have a pacemaker, it will be necessary for us to see you on a regular basis so that we can
check your pacemaker battery. At the first visit, we will outline your follow up schedule with us but
plan on “pacemaker checks” at three month intervals. We welcome your questions and look forward
to working with you.