2.3 – Briefing Note: The Federal Landscape


The Federal Landscape through the Lens of Academic Centres

Briefing Note 2.3


The purpose of this briefing note is to facilitate a conversation on the Federal Landscape for Health

Research in preparation for a meeting with Mr. John Wright of Ipsos Strategies.

The briefing note provides a baseline for “starting the conversation”.


HealthCare CAN has a very specific agenda when it comes to health research and innovation. We want to achieve the winning policy and funding conditions that allow our organizations to generate and use research and innovation for better health, better care and better value. We serve patients, publics, organizations, health system, and the economy.

Generally we believe this requires: (1) strategic investment of the right amount in the right places; (2) strategic coordination so that we don’t create idiosyncrasies and inefficiencies and (3) strategic policy including national recognition for the role that healthcare organizations play in generating, integrating and spreading research and innovation.

As health care organizations with a national impact and that are reliant on federal funds for the research part of their mandate, we legitimately straddle issues falling into both provincial and federal jurisdictions. This is an opportunity and a double-edged sword.

For example:

when it comes to HST, the research enterprises within our healthcare organizations are not eligible for the same rebate as patient care services.

When it comes to being recognized as a major science & technology partner, major funds like the Canada Research Excellence Fund, the Building Canada Infrastructure Fund and the

Indirect Costs program clump us with universities.


What do you think of the propositions: (1) that none of the parties are truly vested in science, technology and innovation and (2) that the health and life sciences appear to be taking a back-seat to agriculture, food safety, etc.?

What are the chances for a major research fund and what is the best framing of an ask?

With the election past, what do we need to know about the views, strategies and approaches of

Government and opposition vis-a-vis our goals?

Which of our goals and asks should be pursued and in which order?

Do we need to pursue a more transformational agenda?


For information and discussion.

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