Kickoff Meeting Presentation

Project Kickoff Meeting
Project Name
Project Kickoff Meeting Agenda
Introductions (Review Agenda, Session Objectives, Ice Breaker exercise)
Client Executive/Sponsor Briefing
(Business and Project Vision, Company culture and values, Client Organization)
IT Organization Briefing (Overview of IT organization, culture, values)
Project Approach
(Project Life Cycle Process, deliverables (with samples), scope management,
communications plan, project extranet)
Project Team Organization
(Client and Development team roles and responsibilities, Team organization chart )
Project Vision (Vision for the Futire)
Risk Assessment (Identification and mitigation of key risks)
Measures of success
Next steps
Session Objectives
• Define project team roles and responsibilities
• Review project methodology and approach
• Define project policies and procedures
• Define measures of project success
• Create a cohesive, successful, high-performing team
Are there any other objectives we should include?
• Your Name
• Your Organization
• Your Role
• What is the most interesting thing you have ever done
Icebreaker – World Map Exercise
Imagine a Map of the World (Mercator projection) on the floor
World Map on the next slide can be used for orientation
• Place yourself where you were born (2 minutes)
• The best place you have visited (1 minute)
• A place you want to go but never have (1 minute)
Client Executive Briefing
Client Executive invited to speak for 30 minutes on:
• What are the strategic and business drivers for this project
• Why is the project important to the organization
• Vision of the Future
• Specific objectives for the project
• Measures of success
• Client Company values and culture
Your Company/Organization Overview
• Your History
• Your Organization
• Your Projects/Clients
Project Approach
Team1 presentation
Project Approach
Project Approach
Project Life Cycle Process
Deliverables (with samples)
Scope management
Communications Management
Project extranet
Project Team Organization
Team 2 presentation
Project Team Organization
Project Team Organization
Client and Development Team roles and responsibilities
Team Organization Chart
Project Vision
Team 3 presentation
Project Vision
Project Vision
• Divide into mixed groups of 5 – 7 people max, and address the
following questions:
– How will this project enable you to do business in 1 – 2 years from now
– What will the “day in the life” look like for your customers and other
– How will this project affect the organization?
(Employees, culture, organization structure)
– What are the Top 5 requirements for this project?
• Working as a team, develop one of the following:
– A short play or skit demonstrating a future “Day in the Life” of stakeholders
affected by this project
– A few web pages (on flip charts) that illustrate future functionality
– A Fortune magazine article written a year or two from now describing the
merits of your project
– A piece of art work illustrating your Vision of the Future
Risk Assessment
Team 4 presentation
Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment
• Prepare a Risk Response Plan for the Top Five Risks on your
Risk Response Plan – project
Mitigating Actions
Action By – Target Date
Measures of Success
• How do we measure the success of this project?
• What are the factors that will help to achieve this success?
Next Steps
• Determine the next steps
(Actions, with target dates and assigned responsibilities).