Dear Parents,

I would like to welcome you back to BLIS and I hope you had a wonderful summer. I am excited to have your child in Grade 8 this year. I am the Grade 8 Level

Coordinator for the new academic year and I hope we will work closely together to make this year a successful and progressive year for your child. The final year of middle school has always been a very challenging year for all students concerned but I am confident that with the present administration, teachers teaching this level will provide all the necessary support and guidance to help every student through.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the teachers who will be responsible for the various subject areas in Grade 8:

English Mr Timothy Dillnutt, Ms Jonell Hemingway coverıng for Ms Wilhelmina Fessenbecker




Turkish History

International Social Studies

Turkish (TAL)

Ethics, Civics

Technology and Design




Ms Muna Kaya, Ms Belgin Üvez

Ms Ayşe Özdemir, Ms Jennifer Connolly

Ms Berna Kaya, Ms Esra Karlıdağ

Ms Buket Arslan

Mr Gabriel Richard

Ms Tuğba Kahraman, Ms Kıvanç Aker

Ms Buket Arslan

Ms Ilkcan Düzel

Ms Ilkcan Düzel

Mr Carlos Bolanos

Ms Lale Kızıldenizli




Physical Education

Ms Catherine Drouin

Ms Sonuç Revoir

Mr Andrew Dittgen, Mr Yimika Ogunjide

Mr Sarp Baturalp

The e-mail addresses of the above teachers are available in the Parents’ Handbook.

We would appreciate it if you could arrange an appointment time with the MS secretary, Özge Kalaycıoğlu ([email protected]) prior to any meeting.

This year, lunch is scheduled at 1.00pm every day for MS students. There will be two short breaks in the mornings (9.40am to 9.50am, 11.10am to 12.00pm) and during these breaks, snacks are available for students to purchase. However, you can also pack healthy snacks for your child to ensure that she/he receives proper nutrition until lunchtime.

I look forward to meeting you and working closely together with you this year.

Thank you.

Muna Kaya

Grade 8 Level Coordinator