It is school policy to educate children on the hazards of litter and as part of our environmental
awareness campaign and our Green Flag project.
We educate and encourage children on the benefits of reducing, reusing and recycling
materials. The theme for our first Green Flag was Waste Management. For this project we
reduced our school waste by 75% and have managed to keep it at this level. There is a landfill
bin, a recycling bin and a compost bin in each classroom.
Lunch Policy
We encourage children to eat a nutritious lunch. Chewing gum and glass bottles are not
"Junk Food" has an adverse effect on a pupil's behaviour/concentration span and ability to
learn and is therefore discouraged. Our school is in the process of devising a Healthy Eating
Policy co-ordinated by pupils in the Senior Classes.
Lunch is eaten in the classroom where litter can be disposed of in the correct manner. This
also ensures that the yard is kept litter free.