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Jumarab Software Solutions Private Limited
Thanks for your interest in Jumarab Software Solutions
This is a short portfolio about our company. This gives a clear picture about who we are, what we do
and how we can be valuable for you business.
Who we are?
Jumarab Software Solutions is a software development company in India having into business of
software development for last ten years. We work for clients. However, we own few products. We
aim at proving the highest quality of service in every phase of the client relationship and are always
ready to walk an extra mile to meet the expectations and see our customers satisfied as they thrive.
What we do?
Incorporated to business into Information Technology, our business process spreads into following
Software Development :
We offer all stages of the software development process including Software Development
Life Cycle. Starting from desktop application to web applications, we tailor right application
for your business. We understand you requirement first, then design the application. So it
never fails. Most of the applications we have developed are with Microsoft Technology.
Web Development :
We have designed many websites, portals, blogs and web applications for your clients
incorporating latest technologies over the years. We develop and maintain web applications
for our clients. Besides working with clients, we also have also our own web applications
products running successfully.
Consultancy Services:
Our consultancy service values transparent business practices and provides comprehensive
solutions to help businesses achieve their goals of rapid product innovation and profitability.
We understand the challenge that organizations face in fulfilling their manpower
requirements. Our focus is on helping those organizations in effective and efficient
recruitment. Our HR services portfolios ranging from Executive Search, Temporary Staffing,
Recruitment, Specialists-on-Contract, Consulting and Training.
Support Services :
We provide support services to your information technology business process. When you feel
it is difficult, just call us. We will be ever ready to extend our support for you IT business
process. It is cost effective and reliable.
Training :
We provide training in Information Technology. It is both corporate as well as non-corporate.
Along with providing training, we also provide certificate to the trained candidates. That
helps trainees to make their career in different major IT companies in the market.
Technologies we work into:
Framework: .NET, Java, PHP
Database: SQL Server, Oracle, MySql
Scripting: XML, DHTML, JavaScript, Jquery, Bootstrap, Knockout, Angular
Jumarab Software Solutions Private Limited
Our Products
www. jumarab.com
This is a free local search portal targeting Indian audience where you can search for
your basic local needs. Once you search and find list of appropriate service providers,
you can contact them individually or as a group. On responding back to you request,
service providers will contact you in providing service. Communication is in both
ways of SMS and Email.
You can also enlist yourself on this portal as a service provider. This is completely
free for any service provider to get enlisted.
A free portal that brings millions of tenders being published by different organization
to you on daily basis. It makes you easy to find appropriate tenders out of millions of
tenders floating in the web every day.
The portal also one of the biggest vendor database of India. You can search
appropriate vendor out of millions and can send them for quotations. It is completely
Rates and Billing
Jumarab Software follows both the billing methods: fixed cost and hourly.
Fixed Cost
Fixed cost is used primarily when there is a clearly defined project. For example, the goals, tasks, and
scope of the project are well defined. The end project cost is directly proportional to the complexity
and scale of the application and are negotiated on a project-by-project basis.
The hourly method is used when these items are less clear. For example, on an R & D project, or
when it is not practical to thoroughly define a project up-front due to time limitations or lack of
information. Hourly rates vary based on type of work, the experience level of the person performing
the work, and the length of the engagement. Engagement terms are generally: Individual hourly, 3
months, 6 months, and 12 months, with rates decreasing for longer term engagements. Rates range is
from $10/hr for low-end documentation and testing up to $50/hr and higher for top-level project
management and high-end technical development.
Maximize Value
Jumarab Software's rates are structured to maximize the value for our clients. Rates are scaled
according to the type of work done and the experience of the individual doing the work. Jumarab
Software staffs projects with the proper combination of team members to maximize the return for the
customer thus saving them time and money.
Billing and Payment
Jumarab Software Solutions Private Limited
Jumarab Software's standard billing practice is to invoice semi-monthly with payment due within two
weeks of the invoice date. This practice is used on all hourly contracts unless a separate payment
arrangement has been negotiated. Billing terms on fixed price contracts is always defined within the
project's contract. These terms generally reflect a percentage up-front, a percentage upon completion
of a significant milestone, a percentage upon delivery, and a percentage as a retainer until final
acceptance by the client.
Why to choose Jumarab Software Solutions?
There are millions of software companies floating around the globe. However, the only thing that will
make to come to us is “Cost Effectiveness.” If you compare, you will find the difference in our
service cost compared to present market cost without compromising the quality. You can even read
and take feedback from our clients with whom we have already worked.
How we are able to provide the cost-effectiveness? Yes, our development centre is located in India,
where we skill fully manage your business processes. And the trust with your employees effectively
reduces the development cost. In addition, we are not in the rush of higher profit margin, we believe
in name in the market which makes sense living in the world.
Jumarab Software Solutions Private Limited
Chennai Office :
Corporate Office :
Jumarab Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
F1, B-Block, Sai Laxmi Nivas
3rd Street, Ganapathy Nagar
Madambakkm, Cehnnai
Pin- 600073
Jumarab Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
No-91, Palakasandha
Odisha, India
Berhampur Office
Jumarab Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
No – 1, 2nd Lane, Medical Bank Colony
Berhampur, Ganjam
Support: [email protected]
Phone: 09884611021
Mihir Kanta Behara
Jumarab Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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