Ron Roscoe Sabale

Design 6

Homework 2: Refined Idea

My idea is a programmable indoor motion detector that would be placed in the entrance to the house where upon the entrance of the owner, it would turn on any device that the user wants turned on. This includes but is not limited to: lights, television, computer, radio, etc. The detector would have a programmable time restraint on it that would prevent any lights from turning on in the morning. It would run with corresponding devices that plug in between a power outlet and the devices that the user wants to be powered and receive the signal from the motion detector, computer, smartphone, or remote control. The motion detector could also act as security when the user is away from his or her home if a foreign object enters the house without inputting the password to disable the security.

The motion detector’s settings can be changed by connecting the device to a computer. The devices connected to the detector can also be manually controlled with a computer or mobile app for smartphones. The interface on the computer would include different sliders and pull down tabs to modify the settings. Connecting to the computer could also provide software updates for the device.

This product may end up with higher price tag because of the features and the resources required to create it. The product is not a necessity to live; it is a convenience to the consumer. The security could require a monthly subscription fee because when the alarm is tripped, the detector notifies an operator in a security center who notifies the emergency authorities.

Stakeholders and their potential requirements:

User – Easy to install, operate, and change settings.

Client – Cheap to purchase, quality product that doesn’t break easily or malfunction.

Designer – Simple, Elegant looking, Small, Easy to construct, Cheap to produce.

My initial evaluation regarding whether the project idea is practical in the sense of cost and time to complete in a two-semester multi-student senior design project is that if this product were to be designed and constructed from scratch, then it would not be practical in the allotted cost and time. However, if the team were to work off an already existing product of similar design and add on to it with the backing of the company making the product then it would definitely be possible. (

Some skills I lack and would look for in potential members of a team would be knowledge of electronics and circuitry, radio waves, motion sensors, and possibly remote control and application development for PCs and mobile devices.


Makes life easier for the end user.

Has more features available than the competing products currently on the market.

New and Innovative.


 An essential product for the “smart home” trend in the market.

Software updates could open up new applications for the device.

Could work with other companies to develop the product further.


May be expensive to produce.

Manufacturing defects?

Software defects?

Unknown branding or the product.


The product and corresponding devices could end up being too expensive for the target market.

A cheaper and more efficient product may appear and gain more popularity.