ESSEA Galveston Hurricane of 1900 Step 1 This was the worst

ESSEA Galveston Hurricane of 1900
Step 1
This was the worst hurricane in history. Galveston was an up and coming city and as a result of
this hurricane there were many deaths and the economy suffered due to businesses deciding to
take their businesses to other cities like Houston.
Step 2
The city was unprepared. Technology was not at a point of advancement that it could have
detected this outcome. Something in the atmosphere kept this hurricane going to the west and
continuing as a storm as far as Canada.
Step 3
1. 600 deaths
2. Storm strengthen over the Gulf Coast
3. Hurricane pushed water feet deep into the city
4. Hurricane was a category 4
5. The storm left millions of dollars in damages
6. Galveston lost lots of business due to this storm
Step 4
1. What was the atmosphere like?
2. What possibly caused the tropical cyclone to continue to the west?
3. Why was the city of Galveston so unprepared?
Step 5
1. Need to have better understanding of the atmosphere during a storm.
2. Assist in creating a plan to have in place of a possible hurricane.
Step 6
What happened in the atmosphere that year that caused the cyclone to continue west?