Set Printers to Print Double

Set Printers to Print
Double-Sided by Default
Set office printers to print on both sides of a page.
Double-sided printing can cut paper use in half, saving money as
well as trees, while cutting waste and carbon emissions.
Printer models on campus vary—if you are unsure of whether your
printer can print double-sided, contact OIT at ext. 2550 or Most printers can be set to automatically
print double sided, but some require paper to be flipped over
manually in order to print double-sided. This method is covered at
the end of the guide. This guide was created with a Canon printer,
so your screen options may look slightly different but the general
steps should all be similar.
Step 1
On the Start menu, move
the cursor over Settings
and click on Printers and
Revised: 8/23/2011
Step 2
Right-click on your
printer and select
Printing Preferences
Step 3
On the Finishing
tab, click on the
drop-down box
next to Print
Style, and select
2-sided Printing.
Step 4
Click Apply
Revised: 8/23/2011
Use this method if your printer requires the paper to be
manually flipped over and re-inserted
Step 1
Go to File, Print,
select your
printer, and click
on Properties or
Step 2
On the Printing
Shortcuts tab
select Two-sided
(Duplex) Printing.
On the Print on
both sides dropdown box, select
Yes, Flip Over
Step 3
Click OK
You will be prompted to flip each page over and re-insert it as
the document prints.
To print a document single-sided, follow these instructions
again and select 1-sided Printing in Step 2.
Revised: 8/23/2011